Countertop Hygiene Screen Extension Kit 1020mm with Cut-Out – Clamp Mount (SK015)

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Extension hygiene screen for counter or desk mounting

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The combination of taller crystal clear 5mm acrylic panels within aluminium post supports makes these screens a perfect choice for larger trade counters, reception desking or other serving display counters, and will protect workers and customers alike from the spreading of germs.

The 400mm x 100mm cut-out at the bottom of the screen allows items to be passed through where goods, documents or money need to be exchanged, or access to a card terminal is required.

Having started with a full kit, these extension kits allow a long run of these screens to be created to your specific requirements.

The base of the aluminium post has a clamp with a 40mm clamping capacity to facilitate easy fitting to any countertop or desk with a lip, and the clear rigid panel simply slots down into the extrusions.

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