Single Privacy Pod (SK040)

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This is the starting block for the pod system.  This kit can either be used as a stand alone item or used as the starting point for a run of pods.

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • The three screens are pre-assembled and just need the linking strip inserted.
  • Fully self -supporting
  • Can be linked on to extension pods to form a run of pods.
  • Can be handled by a single operative
  • Sturdy 30 x 30mm satin anodised aluminium frame
  • Fully wipeable opaque white panels for privacy in the side panels.
  • The link screen has a crystal clear upper panel with a 250 x 250mm opening together with an opaque white lower panel.
  • Simple and effective linking system
  • Sturdy feet already attached to the side screens
  • Floor reaching for maximum privacy


2 x XSP1053 Privacy Screen
1 x XSP1067 Link Screen